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Welcome to RusticSeleQt

Rusticseleqt is the branch of the Real Estate Agency Porfinca dedicated to Rustic Properties; we are specialized in real estate transactions of masias, rustic townhouses, countryhouses etc. in the province of Gerona and the Costa Brava.

Our agency provides real estate management and consultancy and is managed by professionals with a broad experience in the local market as well as the international market in which latter we attract most of our buyers for the properties for sale at the Costa Brava.

Our long experience with transactions in rustic properties has learnt us, that this particular market needs a special focus and approach; this is why we count with a dedicated team of marketeers, tecnicians, and architects.

In this website we present you a selection of our best masias, townhouses etc. for sale; apart from this, www.rusticseleqt.com pretends to be a source of inspiration for appasionates of rustic real estate in Catalunya.

¡ We hope, that you want to share our Passion for the World of catalan masías and rustic townhouses!

Our Services

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    Innovative and Professional Approach


    • If you are considering selling your Masía, Countryhouse or Rustic Property, you can rely on our ability to find with effectiveness a buyer.
    • We have a Team of Inbound Marketing specialists, who`s objective it is to position your property in Internet and attract the potential buyer at the right moment.
    • Once established the contact with a Prospect, our Team of native speaking consultants attends the potential buyer in his (her) proper language fully respecting his (her) business- and social culture.


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    We offer You:

    • Our Know How in the local property market to find the rustic property that best matches your requirements.
    • Our large experience to best negociate your real estate transaction.
    • Our Team of professionals to assist you in legal , financial and technical matters, during and after the transaction so you can enjoy your stay without concern.

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    We offer Partnership


    • RusticSeleQt wants to cooperate with Real Estate professionals in the Rustic sector in the province of Gerona and Costa Brava.
    • We offer you to manage the positioning of your properties in Internet in order to accelerate the sales process.


    Contact us to talk about cooperation…..

For centuries hand made terracotta tiles has been used for flooring all types of properties like country houses, townhouses but also contemporanean villas.

This floor tile made from clay is called the “toba Catalana” and still in use a lot, because of its capacity to create a rustic, authentic and warm atmosphere.

The toba catalana has been copied a lot, but nothing can replace the original hand-made terra cotta floor tile.

In this article we explain briefly the manufacturing process as it is still in use in some places in the province of Girona.


Swimming pools in rustic environments are a challenge for its design but above all for its sustainability; frequently rustic pools are situated close to sources of leaves, dust etc like trees and plants that continuously introduce dirt into the pool.

To avoid, that your swimming pool changes from a pleasure into a permanent concern, we advice you to complement your pool with an Aquaguard Automatic Poolcover , which seals your pool hermetically; it will reduce considerably maintenance costs and it avoids the loss of water caused by evaporation.


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For Sale

Town : Llagostera

Surface : 230

Terreno : 1.000

Precio  : 315.000 €